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10 Cool Ideas For 3d Printing in August 2020

Ideas For 3d Printing


Three-dimensional images make complicated things easy to understand. Three-dimensional photography makes it possible to visualize a product design to understand the product better.  Therefore, 3-d photography has complete applications in creating promotional information about a product, this is one of the best Ideas for 3d printing.

The photography is necessary where a product is complex to understand. Three-dimensional images find great application for several outcomes like Electronic gadgets, integrated circuits, plastic utilities such as mobile stands, penholders, containers, jewelry items, food items like biscuits, cakes, pizzas, decorative lamps, photo frames, geometric planters, wrapping gift boxes, and many more.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the best to create 3d images.  Moreover, CAD designing is nowadays popular in the manufacture of many products and the process is known as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).  The CAD software programs can create 3D and even higher dimensional designs up to 7D images. High-precision manufacturing for robotics and other advanced AI applications such as car parts is possible through CAD and CAM programs, one of the best Ideas for 3d printing.  

We shall discuss some selected cool ideas for 3D prints.

Tool Storage Station

Almost all workshops need a large number of tools.  The necessary tools need to be picked up and replaced at a proper place to retrieve them whenever required. With this view, a storage station design can best illustrate the idea to systematically hold about 50 different types of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, screws, pliers, hammers, drills, washers, ball bearings, etc. A 3D image of such a storage device can help the user in buying preferences.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table
Ideas for 3D printing–Smartphone Holder

Smart Device Holder

With the abundant usage of smartphones, people need to hold their smartphones preferred to take snaps, listen to music, and similar activities.  It would be a smart idea to advertise this product through a 3D image. 

Decorative Lamp Shades

Lampshades of artistic designs can create an aesthetic look to your drawing room.  Select the lampshade of your choice to decorate your house–be an excellent idea for 3d printing. 

Gift Boxes: One Of The Best Ideas For 3D Printing

Several designs are available for gift boxes for various items ranging from foodstuffs like sweets to cutlery, jewelry, and stationery items.

Power Bank and Head Sets 

Mobile users find a crying need for giving power back-up to their smartphones, especially during emergency use. Users also want to use Bluetooth ready Headsets for hands-free listening.

Handy Writing Table

Students and professionals love to write with handy designer tables on beds, sofas, or even tabletops.  Such writing tables with foldable legs can be a favorite thing to buy.  With a decorative laminate or sunmica top and bidding, the writing convenience can increase.  

Cartoon Animators

Parents would like to buy 2D or 3D animators for the amusement of their children.  Favorite heroes in animation films come to life with the help of 3D images.  

Pen & Pencil Holder

A large number of elegant designs is possible in the creation of a pen-pencil holder.  Executives and top professionals will certainly like to use the product at their workplace to maximize their efficiency and enhance the aesthetic value of their working platform. 

Planters–Great Ideas For 3D Printing

Who won’t like beautiful planters enhancing the house or working place?  Window hangings, Staircase decorators, gallery plantations, indoor plants—all enhance the aesthetic value of interiors.  Most importantly, highly innovative and creative designs are possible in this product. 

Ideas for 3D printing–Virtual Set Studio

Virtual Set Studios

With the increasing popularity of online platforms, virtual studios create impact.  The virtual studios have significant applications in online meetings, news telecasts, interviews, and even online education.  Many designs can be tailor-made as per the customers’ requirements–one of the best Ideas for 3d printing.

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