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3D Movies And Its Benefits That You Should Know

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Critics have been pronouncing 3D movies dead for several years now. As the novelty wears off many of these “enhanced” films are gimmicky at best and pointless headache-inducing garbage at worst. Yet Hollywood’s still pumping them out at a steady clip. This article deals with 3D movies and the benefits that you should know. Why won’t 3D movies actually die? Like so many things, you can almost boil the answer down to a single word. Money, of course!

3D has been touted as the film industry savior as things like Netflix and your comfortable living room lead to dwindling box office sales. By releasing a film in 3D, studios can not only draw people to the cinema by pushing a supposedly premium viewing experience, but they can also tack on an extra $4 the ticket price to feed the blockbuster beast.

3D Movies And Its Benefits That You Should Know
3D Movies And Its Benefits That You Should Know

The problem is, 3D is often not a premium viewing experience at all. For many people (myself included) it’s a far worse experience than seeing the movie in regular 2D, so now you’ve paid extra money for two hours of unpleasantness.

To be fair, a lot of people love 3D movies, and some 3D movies are truly immersive and engaging experiences. That’s great. But there’s also a big chunk of the viewing public that doesn’t do well with this format. A 2011 survey cited in an eight-year study into the side effects of 3D glasses found only a third of viewers have no trouble, while two-thirds feel some form of discomfort, including 7 percent that reports terrible headaches.

Different Category in 3D Movies

This is a good time to make a crucial differentiation. There are two categories of 3D movies appearing in theatres today. They make a big difference in the quality of the production. Real 3D films that were shot with stereoscopic cameras and created specifically for 3D viewing and “fake” 3D films that tack on the 3D effect in post-production.

In the former camp are films like Avatar and Gravity that are set in visually stunning worlds. The design helps to experience on the big screen in an immersive format. Animated films are also uniquely poised to take advantage of the format and can be even better when seen in 3D.

3D Movies And Its Benefits That You Should Know
3D Movies And Its Benefits That You Should Know

In the latter camp are a lot of superheroes or action or horror flicks. They convert to 3D to squeeze an extra buck out of the audience. But for which adding the dimension of depth does very little to improve the experience.

Benefits of 3D Movies

These 3D movies give you a real movie experience that you look for in life. Isn’t it good that you go for 3D movies with your loved ones once in away? Above everyone, you should encourage children to watch 3D movies so that they can develop 3D dimensions in their life. You may also notice that 3D films also design to attract children in order to give life experience. It is indeed fun to watch 3D movies with your Loved ones. The reason is it gives good experience as well as expands the imagination level.

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