3D Printing And 3D Printer Files

3d printer files

In this century we find ourselves in, arts and crafts have been made much easier. Now all you need to print 3d prototypes are some software, 3D printer files, a 3D printer, and some other accessories. Starting from its discovery in 1974, 3D printing has undergone a great evolution. Even the most complex shapes are now made easy with 3D printing.

What 3D Printing Is

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When you utilise digital designs to create three-dimensional objects, you’re practising the art of 3D printing. It is achieved by continuously stacking up thinly-sliced pieces of the object to be designed. It is otherwise called additive manufacturing since layers of materials are added until the object is formed. 3D printing is a form of art and craft that is aided digitally using computer-aided design (CAD) models.

This form of art is different from subtractive manufacturing where the material is removed conventionally from an object. It is also different from the art in which an object is forged or cast by pouring into a mold, then shaped conventionally. 3D printing is a unique method where an object is made digitally and then printed in successive layers by a 3D printer.

Where To Get 3D printer files

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3D printer files are available to download 3D models ready to be printed by the 3D printer. You can download numerous 3D files from sites like:




Cults, and


Benefits of the art of 3D printing

Varieties of industries make use of 3D printing in day to day activities. It is essential in the medical profession, in the manufacturing industry, social and cultural sectors, the food industry and many others. It is especially important in the art and craft industry. Sculpturing is now made easy with 3D printing. Molding, forging, and other artistic aspects are now easier with the art of 3D printing.

In the technology, construction, banking and clothing sectors, 3D printing is also essential in building 3D models. In the educational sector, we can’t do without 3D printing. Essential prototypes, using 3D printer files, can be made in a quick way to enhance learning. Even in our day to day activities, the benefit of 3D printing reflects. We now can take 3D selfies with the right equipment.

Health Implications of 3D printing

As much as the art and craft of 3D printing can not be done without, it comes with some health Implications if not handled effectively. Emissions from the 3D printer can cause serious health issues depending on the materials being used, the size of the printer in question and also the chemical constituents of the material used.


The benefits of 3D printing outweigh the disadvantages. Great achievements have been made using this art. However, we have to stick to safety manuals, put on standard personal safety equipment, have respirator and safety glasses on, we are protected through the process and can enjoy making use of the art without fear of being harmed.

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