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3d printing business ideas

Using 3D printing can be a great asset, no matter what your sector. Indeed, it can help you on many levels, that is why more and more 3D printing businesses are appearing on the market. 3D printing technology can help you to develop any project.

You are looking for tips to understand how you could start a 3D printing business? We will share with you the best ideas for 3D printing business and see what are the best examples of profitable 3D printing businesses. Get inspired by all of these 3D printing ideas!

1. The Kupol Project


Gabriel Boutin, a 3D designer, created the Kupol Project using the additive manufacturing technology. It is a bike helmet, 3D printed with the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, using Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service. This 3D technology helped this innovative designer to develop a relevant and resistant project.

3D printing can help you with rapid prototyping. Indeed, it is a simple and economical way to produce prototypes. With this technique, you only have to create your 3D design using 3D modeling software, and modify it as much as you want and need. 

This way, you only have to change the 3D model and print your 3D file to get your different iterations. This process could help you to save money to develop your project and speed up the production process. Indeed, iterating on your project using additive manufacturing is cheaper than with a traditional prototyping technique.

2. Netlooks

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“We are at the moment in the eyewear industry when we have to do something unexpected. We are at a crossroads of technology and craftsmanship”, explains Pierre Andrieu, founder of Netlooks, a custom-made eyewear company and one of our clients.

The goal of Netlooks is to provide their clients with the ultimate made to measure experience. To achieve that, they complement craftsmanship with the latest technologies. Netlooks uses 3D scanning to get the perfect fit for the client’s head, and Additive Manufacturing provided them with time and cost-efficient prototypes before the final product is hand made.

This 3D technology became an essential part of the production process. Manufacturing the prototypes with Additive Manufacturing allowed the company to work faster, speed up the product development time, and to reduce costs. On top of that, thanks to Additive Manufacturing, Netlooks can achieve the ultimate customization and comfort.

3. Volkswagen Autoeuropa

3D printing can be an asset on different levels, and not only for your products. We saw on our recent blogpost that 3D printing tools could considerably reduce your tooling investment. For example, do you know that Volkswagen Autoeuropa, the car manufacturer, is using 3D printing for manufacturing some of its tools? The company estimates that thanks to 3D printing they saved 250,000€ in 2017. No matter what your sector is, reducing your tooling costs could be a huge asset for your company.

Using additive manufacturing to get custom made tools is reducing costs but is also a convenient method that could help you to create a successful business. This way, these tools are totally adapted to their activity, and they are less expensive than produced with another traditional manufacturing technique.

4. P&G

To stay on top of their game, companies like P&G have to chase the latest technology. Where can 3D printing be an asset for Procter & Gamble? In the supply chain innovation sector. Additive Manufacturing brings new solutions to existing problems and improves business strategies.

Peter Hewett, Global Product Supply Platform Leader, explains: “It only took a short investment of time, understanding the technology and services offered by companies like Sculpteo, to realize how we might be able to solve current business manufacturing challenges in a different and smarter way. We’re already bringing the experts together seeking breakthrough solutions which wouldn’t be possible with traditional technologies”.

5. Gaëtan Le Penhuel

This aspect of the production was crucial for Gaëtan Le Penhuel, an architect company from Paris, which we had the pleasure to partner with. They needed architectural models delivered in a short time, at the same time, achieving a high level of detail.

Additive Manufacturing was just the perfect solution Gaëtan Le Penhuel was looking for. They wanted to materialize their architectural proposals, and every aspect of the project had to be shown in solid form. Thanks to SLS technology, they were able to achieve precise openings, thin walls, and sharp edges. Industrial 3D printing such as SLS allows for the production of great quality models, quickly and cost-effectively.

These are some 3D printing business ideas.

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