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3D Printing Carbon Fiber The Latest Tech You Must Check Out

3d printing carbon fiber

Ever since technology has witnessed heights in advancement, there has been an enormous change in almost every sector existing today. The expectations of the public rise considerably when the basic luxuries and necessities are fulfilled within seconds. Printing press has proved to be of great help to us. Ages ago materials used to preserve in form of manuscripts which was quite difficult to maintain for future generations. With the invention of printing machine, education reached a new milestone. After traditional black and white printing evolved the colorful print layout. Today our developed has reached the height of producing original like 3-D prints. 3-D printing has been possible due to invention of minute carbon fibers which help in the printing process.

How Carbon Fiber Has Enabled 3-D Printing? 

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Carbon fiber being extremely light weight is used in the process of 3-D printing. It has higher strength to weight ratio making it extremely tensile and valuable. These fibers are made up of very long carbon chains with tetrahedral atomic structure. Carbon forms four bonds with the adjoining carbon atoms providing greater strength and making it less breakable. Each strand of long carbon fibers is then coated by a thermo set resin which acts as a binding agent for more fibers. 

Composite Fibers

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Composite fibers are used along with the carbon fibers in the process of 3-D printing. Composite fibers usually boost the strength, durability and reliability of the fresh print. These are more beneficial and advantageous than the traditional thermoplastics which were used in 3-D printing. Thermoplastics are plastics which has the ability to transform any other state of matter without actually making any change in its chemical composition. This feature of thermoplastics made it very famous in the 3-D printing industry. However, these were not preferred due to its low melting point. Composite fibers on the other hand are made up of mixture of a variety of materials which make it concrete and durable. Usually composite fiber is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar. This fiber is efficient to use and easily bends for purpose.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Though carbon fiber is very strong and so it is used but today even stronger carbon fiber is obtained using Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforcement. In this technique carbon filaments are not chopped into small pieces thus making it stronger. Its advantage over metal is that it is cheaper. It can soon replace all these traditional metal printers in the global market.

Latest Carbon Fiber Printers

 These are some of the latest carbon fiber 3-D printers you need to have in 2021.

  • Delta WASP 2040
  • Raise3D  E2 CF
  • Fusion3 F410
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Markforged Mark Two
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