3D Printing Evolution Is Significant More Than We Think

3D Printing Evolution Is More Significant Than We Think

3D Printing Evolution Is Significant More Than We Think

Evolution in any field is simply a result of the better ideas staying and the worse ideas getting voted out. Sometimes the voting out is done by the customer and sometimes by the technology developers. That’s why 3D printing evolution has come.

Notably, asking how it will evolve is asking to know what cannot be known. The results of all the 3D printing technologies will systematically and logically determine how each application of technology evolves.

3D Printing Evolution Is Significant More Than We Think
3D Printing Evolution Is More Significant Than We Think

What does not work for one field or application may not pose a problem for another application. So the question is too general. How will your body evolve over the next few years?

How Will 3D Printing Evolve In The Next Few Years?

The question should distinguish between professional or consumer/hobbyist. A huge difference exists between a consumer-grade drone, a military drone capable of deadly strikes, and a professional videographer drone capable of lifting MUCH heavier video equipment than consumer-grade drones. These differences exist in 3D printing, I am just ignorant of the degrees of difference due to my single exposure to consumer/hobbyist grade printers.

Consequently, it is unaware of what issues are faced at the professional level of 3D printers that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is built Maker Farm Prusa i3v 10″ with a Clough42 itty bitty extruder.

Steps Of Evolution

3D printing has been injected into mainstream culture via news outlets, but they have done huge disservices to the facts and processes of 3D printing. The biggest misconception is that you can buy a 3D printer then begin making amazing things with little effort or thought.

Unlike a traditional paper printer, 3D printing can take a VERY long time to create a single object. The time it takes to print, the precision or detail of a print, and the efforts involved in getting a satisfying output are all big misconceptions about consumer or hobbyist grade 3D printers.

Modern Scenario (3D Printing Evolution)

So, you understand, a print will take 30 minutes to 8 hours for small objects. You are patient. You understand it’s not very detailed. The last thing that is still a huge issue is getting the settings tuned per object printed.

Therefore, you may have to add a skirt and supports to print object A1 well, this could take several runs. Besides, maybe time changing settings or the root file in between each print. Then the time to print each one, then eventually you get what you want, days later.

Then you print object B2 and you have to start over with settings, etc. The good thing is that you can often find a sweet spot. That is to start from that is good or close to good for your general prints.

A big area of improvement would be software and hardware changes. Making a hardware change can force the need for software changes, maybe this will be simpler in the future.

3D Printing Evolution Is Significant More Than We Think
3D Printing Evolution Is More Significant Than We Think

It is known that the ability to print more quickly is not as detailed, or more slowly but more detailed. That may be a useful innovation in the future if not already being experimented with today.

With 4k resolution, iPhones in the market may be the future of 3d printing which will utilize such a device. That is used to create 3D scans quickly. Moreover, to diagnose adjustments to make to the parameters of 3D printing evolution.

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