3Doodler: An Evolution Of The 3D Pen

3Doodler: An Evolution Of 3D Pen

Developed by Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue and Daniel Cowen of Wobble Works, Inc., 3Doodler is the first 3D printing pen in the world. It works by the technology of heating a plastic-like material and melting it like ink.

Thereafter, that ink quickly hardens when it gets out from the 3D pen. It allows users to create 3D objects by hand.

3Doodler: An Evolution Of 3D Pen
3Doodler: An Evolution Of The 3D Pen

To Date, There Are 3 Ranges Of This Pen Which Is Introduced In The Market

Product RANGE Target user group Price ($)
Start For the age group 6- 13 years $49.99- $69.99
Create+ For the age group of 14 years and more $59.99- $149.99
EDU For the age group of 6years above $349.00- $1199.00

The company is mainly promoting the 3Doodler for kids. Nevertheless, it is equally useful for adults who have creative genes.


The inventors invented this 3Doodler in the year 2012. Notably, the concept came into their mind when their 3D printer was not working properly on a project at the time of urgent need.


  1. Generally now marketed for kid’s academic projects.
  2. Made from 100% safe materials, especially for kids.
  3. The pen nozzle, built of metal doesn’t heat up. Thus the kids don’t have to worry about burning their hands.
  4. Quick hardening plastic.
  5. The device is wireless. So it can be carried to any place effortlessly. 
  6. Various color plastic is available for different designs.
  7. A wide range of accessories, a stencil is available for preparing your dream design.
  8. Finally, the erasing of the design can be possible.       

Things To Do

There are a lot of creative things that can be made from using this 3D doodler. Such as- toys for children, small tools, coasters, fashion jewelry, art items, models, stickers, badges, clips, mobile covers, etc.

Brand Competitors

Product /Brand Name Price
Myriwell 3D Pen DIY Original $ 69.00
3D Pen OLED Scribble with PLA ABS Filament $ 99.00
Myriwell Wireless Charging 3D Pen $ 119.00
Myriwell 3rd Gen 3D Pen $ 89.00
TECBOSS 3D Pen Not available
Levin 3D Printing Drawing Printer Pen Not available
QCREATE 3D Drawing Pen $ 79.00


  1. This can be used to repair your broken plastic household items, like – buckets, shelves, cups, etc.
  2. You can repair your broken glasses also with this pen.
  3. A very useful tool for students/kids. They can make anything for their academic projects.
  4. Moreover, recyclable materials are used in building filaments. So, if your item is not made properly, you can reuse the plastic to build your new design.
3Doodler: An Evolution Of 3D Pen
3Doodler: An Evolution Of The 3D Pen


As the pen is hand-controlled, it’s impossible to replicate some objects. The design you will try to copy will be hugely inaccurate. One object can be made once only.

Consequently, it’s indeed an expensive thing for being creative. However, technology is also remarkably unique. Though it is still not a common thing to everyone, after a few years this technology will also come with a cost-effective range of products.

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