Animated 3d Movies--List of 8 Best Ones - Animated 3d Movies--List of 8 Best Ones -

Animated 3d Movies–List of 8 Best Ones

Animated 3d Movies


Movies provide one of the best entertainments.  Watching movies at home on LED TV using locally available cable network has been a routine for almost all householders. Children love watching cartoon animation films.    For everyone, the “3D” movie is a fantastic experience to gain.  Let us know more about the 8 best animated 3d Movies.

1.  Frozen, One of the Best examples of Animated 3D Movies!

In this paragraph, we are going to see one of the most favorite animated 3D movie lists. “Frozen” available in two parts—1 and 2 through a collection box set by Blu-ray.  The pack sells at at $29.99.  Blu-ray Disc or Blu-ray is an optical disc, the high-definition-video device.  Frozen has an animated character, “Elsa,” a gorgeous princess-like character born with magical powers.  Children love to see Elsa and her activities. Animated 3d Movies

A lion looking at the camera
Animated 3-D movies: “The Lion King”–Now with real lions, an improvement over animated version!

2. The Lion King

 “The Lion King,” now available in 1-3 parts, has created world records.  It is a true-to-life story on a Jungle King “Mufasa” and his son “Simba.”  Mufasa dies by the cruel act of his cousin “Scar” for acquiring dynasty. In due course of time, Simba grows and ultimately takes over as The Lion King after defeating Scar.  Animation effects are excellent, and the movie is worth seeing again and again.  After the award-winning success of the animation film, now a version of real lions has been introduced. Both versions have their own merits.    

Underwater view of a coral
Animated 3-D Movies–Finding Nemo

3. Finding Nemo–top animated 3D movie

Available in Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s edition Blu-ray 3D/DVD & Digital Copy formats by Albert Brooks for $35.99 on Amazon site.  Finding Nemo is a fascinating story of a baby fish ‘Nemo.’ By mistake, Nemo loses his dad in the big ocean and a fisherman catches him. Nemo lives in the company of other fishes in a fish pond and ultimately flows into the ocean stream. The dad goes on searching Nemo extensively and finds him at the end. A very sentimental movie worth seeing by a family.  The photography and oceanic scenery is marvelous.  “Finding Dory” is a new animation movie epigynous to “Finding Nemo” and would be interesting to watch.   

4. Dumbo

“Dumbo” is an online 3-D movie about a flying baby elephant. A circus team brings the baby elephant to the circus with his mother elephant. The baby elephant becomes a center of attraction for huge crowds gathering from different parts of the world.  It makes a box-office collection for the circus owner.  Flight of the baby elephant gets grand applause from the audience. From the latest arrivals, this is one of the best animation 3D movies.

5.  Avatar

A 3D online fiction movie “Avatar” is a spectacular scientific fiction movie that takes you to a new world beyond imagination.  The film is about a voyage to a distant moon ‘Pandora’ searching for rare minerals to solve the earth’s energy crisis.  Amazing things happen on a strange planet and is an amazing experience.    

6. Aladdin–popular animated 3D movie

“Aladdin,” available as a triple pack of Blu-ray for just $24.99, is an animated creation based on the famous character Aladdin, who soars on a flying carpet, defeats evil sorcerer Jafar and saves a princess, Jasmine.  With his magical lamp and legendary story of forty thieves, Aladdin becomes a non-stop entertainment and a magical experience.    

7. Megamind

Megamind is a funny movie with magical visuals and amusing sound effects.  The brilliant supervillain Megamind has an encounter with a Metro Man, and the conditions become amusing.  Strong visuals and sound effects make the movie great fun to watch. 

8. The Angry Birds Movie 2

Birds uniting and fighting to defeat a common threat is a theme of The Angry Birds Movie 2. The aggressive birds from an island plan to use a sophisticated weapon to destroy the enemies.  The popularity of the Angry Birds game on mobile phones can make the movie an attraction for young minds.   

CONCLUDING animated 3-D movies

To conclude, the article is a good reference material for watching a favorite movie with all family members. The movie lovers will find an animated 3d movie list is worth using again and again.

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