Best 3D Games For PS4 That You Must Play In 2020

3d Games for Ps4

The gaming industry has changed completely after the entry of 3D games for PS4. Playing games has amounted for the most number of hours an average teenager spends his time other than sleeping. This includes all types of games from mobile to PC to Play Stations. The key factor which promotes the gaming industry is the graphics. While most of the games used 2D graphics in the 2000s, it has now shifted to 3D platforms. Popular gaming platforms like Xbox have promoted the use of social gaming. Here are some cool 3D games that you must check this year.

Zombie Army Trilogy: 3D Games For PS4

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This is a third-person shooting and stealth game which was developed by rebellion developers. The zombie army, when played on PS4, allows you to tackle the enemies just like you did in Sniper Elite V2. It has a theme of an anterior side of World War 2. This allows the player to choose weapons from that era. Also, the gameplay focuses more on stealth than attack hence the ammunition and controls depending on the mode. The features where they show the damage done to the body when the bullet hits a particular part adds detailing to the game. Overall, this is a must-have 3D game for PS4.

Trine 2 Is A Great Mind Game

Trine 2 is a puzzle video game that allows 3 players to play the roles of thief, wizard and knight. The three characters are given three different names with each having a special quality. Amadeus uses magic to create planks and other objects, Zoya uses arrows to target objects while Pontius is strong for combatting. Players must use all three abilities to conquer a stage in this game. The game can support up to 3 players in cooperative mode. As the players proceed in playing, different levels unlock different challenges. This game enables the players to use mental abilities as the right usage of skills by the right character helps to clear stages.

3D Games For PS4: KickBeat

The theme of this game contains a sphere containing all the music ever written gets stolen. You have to get it back in different stages fighting yellow, blue and red circles. In normal mode, the indicator glows when you receive a hit while in hard mode there is no such indicator. After seventeen such levels, the boss appears in the eighteenth level. Getting a victory here will help you retrieve all the lost songs.


The gaming industry is on an all-time boom. The era of 2D games has been replaced by the new 3D games for PS4. The list of these games seem endless but you can try the three games mentioned above. The pros and cons of gaming is also a known fact hence don’t overdo it.

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