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Best Online 3D Printing Services

3d Printing Service

Once a dream, now a reality–3D printing service, since it began in 1980, is now challenging the more traditional modes of production. Whatever your company’s needs are–one-offs, functional prototyping, or small-batch–you can see a high cost and time reduction thanks to 3D printing. Below is a list of websites that offer 3D printing services.


3d Printing Service

Craftcloud is a one-stop 3D printing service partner. You do not have to go to individual 3D printing websites and compare prices with their competitors manually. The site generates quotes from different companies such as i.Materialise, Jawstech, Facfox, Treatstock, Shapeways, and more! It also offers a vast selection of prices, materials, and shipping options.

3DExperience Marketplace

The site offers three main features: Make, PartSupply, and Engineering. Make is for choosing your manufacturer, PartSupply is for choosing your 3D materials, and Engineering is for looking for partners to ensure that your design is the best that it can be.

The website can connect you to various industrial manufacturing service providers such as Xometry, Sculpteo, FIT Manufacturing, 3D Systems, Proto Labs, and many more. All you have to do is upload your design, choose your manufacturer, then receive your parts. It is that simple!


With partners like Selective Laser Printing (SLS), Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), and PolyJet for their materials, Shapeways is a trustworthy brand that promises to bring out the best from your product. As a consumer, you can choose from a wide array of professional designs, customize it to your liking, and have it printed according to your specifications. The website mentioned is also a place for designers to sell their models. If your needed service is rapid prototyping, then Shapeways is the recommended service for you.


3d Printing Service from online contractor

Sculpteo allows users to upload their 3D models and edit it with a variety of materials. It also boasts of many online tools that include analysis, repair, and optimization to help you get the most out of your product. With their stable professional services, it is a partner best suited for prototyping, design validation, and batch production. In keeping up with their competitors, The website enables professionals and individuals to start an online store where they can sell their design to the public. 

3D Hubs

With over 240 manufacturing partners and 4,200+ machines, one of 3D Hubs’ strength is their speed and reliability. Products are created as simple as possible: upload your CAD file only and get an immediately get a guaranteed quote and automated DfM feedback. The item will be sent to the manufacturers right away, and then after it is done, your parts will be delivered straight to you. Among the companies that use their services are Audi, NASA, and HP Smart.


By now, you have probably heard this name quite a few times. i.Materialise primarily works with industrial clients to create 3D printed products and prototypes, but for individual designers and the general public, the company offers online 3D printing.

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