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With classic mediums like graphite, anti-fouling gloves help reduce smearing. They do, however, lessen friction while using a digital graphics tablet to draw. On your tablet, the only friction you want is between your pen nib and the tablet surface. Anything else can slow you down or maybe make you make a mistake. Some tablets include a free anti-fouling glove, but not all manufacturers are that generous. You’ll almost always have to purchase one individually, which can be inconvenient. If you pick one up, you will have a lot better drawing experience. Almost every glove is machine washable, allowing you to wash it whenever it becomes soiled or smells bad. It’s also a fantastic resource for traditional artwork. When drawing with graphite, carbon, or charcoal, an artist glove can help prevent smudges. It’s essentially the ultimate safety net for safeguarding your creative process against minor annoyances.

Artist’s Anti-Fouling Glove For Digital Drawing Tablet Graphics Monitor

It prevents you from making inadvertently needless markings. It is worn on the left or right side of your pinky, ring finger, and a section of your hand. The structure of the gloves is flexible and cannot be deformed or worn out. This results in a seamless drafting experience with maximum versatility. You want a glove that is both comfortable and fashionable, as well as easy to clean and maintain. They should, ideally, be available in a variety of sizes so that you may select one that fits your hand.

Find out how you can purchase Artist’s Anti-Fouling Glove For Digital Drawing Tablet Graphics Monitor.


  • Package: Yes
  • Tablet Width: 10 cm
  • Model Number: Glove CR-01
  • Type: Digital Tablets
  • Tablet length: 20 cm
  • Material: Lycra
  • Color: Black
  • Use: graphics tablet
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  • It prevents unintentional touchscreen interactions between your pinky and ring fingers can rub up against your program’s navigation bar or toolbar, especially if you’re working towards the border of the screen.
  • When you’re using your tablet for everyday tasks, an art glove might be really useful. It will provide you with the precision you require while keeping your screen free of natural oils.
  • When you’re doing delicate work, it’s a useful tool to have. Some gloves will buff any screen you’re drawing on, depending on the material you want, saving you time cleaning afterward.
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  • Unfortunately, for digital drawing, you may have to rely on the good old steady hand, with breaks for your wrist in between.
  • When materials like spandex are machine laundered, they tend to expand excessively and lose their structure. As a result, some users find this material to be high maintenance, preferring to wash it by hand and hang it to dry. If you want to wash your spandex glove in the machine, do so on a delicate cycle.


Artist gloves aren’t required for artists, but they are a great help and will make your work a lot easier. You may either get a tablet that includes a glove or purchase one separately and try it out. You may discover that your work improves significantly as a result, making the extra money paid worthwhile.

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