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You can find different types of analog clocks, which you can find at everyone’s home. But as everything has been digitized, then why not a clock. You can now find this elegant-looking digital clock. It is a very convenient clock which has a thermometer and hygrometer inbuilt in it. It will not show you the time but also the temperature of your room. You can easily stack it on the wall or place it on the table. It has a big screen display through which you can easily see the time and some other information.  It got an LCD display which can help you to show the time very clearly.

It comes with a very decent square look which would look very good whenever placed with your other home items. You can keep it in your bedroom or living room to give an elegant look. You can even match it with the background of your wall as it comes in different colors. You will get a holder to place it on the table, a wall sticker to paste it on the wall, or a soft magnet to stick to any metal. It is battery-operated, so you just must replace the battery, and your clock will be up and running. You can choose it as a gift for someone very interested in keeping beautiful watches in the home or who wants to replace their watch. It can be the best option for you as a digital watch that is more durable and accurate.  You can surely get this amazing wireless digital watch for your home.


·         Brand Name:          XIAOMI

·         Model Number:           LYWSD02MMC

·         Scale:                     1:5

·         Gyro:                       Xiaomi Mijia Electronic Thermohygrometer Pro

·         Control Channels:     2 Channels

·         Max Speed:            Xiaomi Mijia Electronic Thermohygrometer Pro

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Pros Of Having A Wireless Watch

·      Being a digital watch, you don’t have to worry about powering it as it is wireless and can be operated on a battery.

·   It comes with a thermometer to check the temperature and a hygrometer to measure the humidity in the air.

·         It is very lightweight so that you can easily place it on the wall.


Cons Of Having A Wireless Watch

·      You have a limited battery life, as you have to change the battery when it gets drained out.

·         It doesn’t have any alarm option as you can just watch the time in it.

·       You can never get it replaced as it gets damaged. Instead, you can just get a new one.


You can purchase this fantastic-looking wireless watch for your home or working desk. You can arrange it anywhere in the home or can either hang it on the wall. These wireless watches can replace your analog watch with some extra features such as temperature or humidity measuring. In addition, you don’t have to hear that ticking noise that you might hear from your analog watch. You can change the settings of the watch by changing the settings option. It has two different control channels. You can adjust it anywhere in the interior because of its simple and minimalistic design.

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