How the New Sony PlayStation 4 Can Put PSP Gaming in the Hands of Everyone

ps4 3d games

We are all fans of the PSP and 3D games that they have launched in the market. With the introduction of a new generation of consoles, such as PS3 and Xbox 360, the competition is getting hotter between the different manufacturers of these gaming consoles. One of the manufacturers, Sony Computer Entertainment America, has launched a new version of their popular PlayStation Portable console and has joined the race with the launch of the PSP 3D game.

PS4 3D Games

The newest version of PSP has improved clarity and image resolution of over 10 million pixels. This clarity makes the images more lifelike and realistic. Other enhancements included in the PSP 3D games are the stereoscopic 3D effect, digital surround sound, and built-in speakers. A very impressive video display has been integrated into the handheld. The new PSP also features built-in memory so that gamers can save their favorite games and transfer them to other PSP devices for playing on the go.

The new PSP also has the option of playing games with the help of a motion sensor called Dual Shutter. In this, the player simply needs to tap the screen for moving the camera or aiming the weapon like a gun. The camera and the gun can be controlled with just a press and hold of the trigger. This is one of the best features of the PSP, allowing users to enjoy the game to the fullest. Apart from that, the PSP can also play 3D games and watch movies in the 3D effect.

Some of the popular PSP 3D games include The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy. Both these games look amazing when played using 3D glasses. The graphics and the scenes have been enhanced to the fullest extent. The stereoscopic effect adds to a lifelike experience and gives the gamer an immense sense of joy. These are just two of the games that come free with the PSP.

The Battle Between Link And Ganon

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The battle between Link and Ganon is another exciting example of the 3D effects. The link can be seen to have an enhanced jump and can even swing his sword faster than ever before. The entire environment has been brightened, and the 3D effect makes it all the more real. The battle can even be witnessed to take place in the sky. This shows the power of technology, and the PSP has made sure that it meets all the expectations of the hardcore gaming community.

Another great feature of the PSP is that it comes with games confirmed to run on the new PlayStation Move motion-sensitive stick. It is one of the hottest accessories that has been manufactured for the new generation. One of the first games confirmed to come with the new motion-sensitive stick is Tomb Raider Anniversary. This is one game that hardcore gamers will not want to miss. The new motion-sensitive stick allows for precise controls, which make the action much more realistic.

With more games being released with the new features, the PSP continues to enjoy a large fan base. A major reason for this is the user info. With regular updates to the system, a lot of the old myths about the PSP have been busted. The user info and game downloads are much better than they were five years ago when the dreaded blue screen error hit everyone.

Bottom Line

The price of the PS4 has been inching down, so now is the perfect time to get a system that comes with the latest features. The PSP has many exciting games to play and is not only a good option for hardcore gamers but also for casual fans of the PSP. One thing that really sets the PSP apart from other systems is the introduction of backward compatibility. This means that people who have purchased the original version of the PS3 will be able to use the newer version of the system without any issues. Everyone loves new accessories, and now with so many deals on the market, the PSP can be the best value for money when it comes to buying a new video game console.

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