Incredible Experience Of Watching Vudu 3D Movies

Vudu 3d Movies

Almost everyone has access to different OTT platforms in this digital streaming era, whether it’s chargeable or free. Netflix and Amazon Prime dominate the OTT platform. But there is a setback, and that is we cannot enjoy 3D movies on these platforms. However, Vudu is a famous website where you can enjoy Vudu 3D movies sitting at home.

How To Watch Vudu 3D Movies

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First, you need to go to the main homepage of Vudu 3D Movies and create an account. Just put your details or if you already have an account, log in using your credentials and. Once you are logged in, click on filters. There, you will see an option for 3D movies. Afterward, select that option under features. Then you need to select any title or preview with a 3D option. You might need to choose a collection on some television and devices and then showcases before selecting the 3D option.

Devices On Which Vudu Is Available

Well, the first thing which you should check is the availability of the website on your device. However, not every device supports this website for showing 3D movies. A television that supports 3D film has a video projector. 3D glasses can work with the TV and projector. A cable is also there to handle 3D. Some lines of Blu-ray disk players are not capable of supporting Vudu 3D movies. If the Vudu app is not available on TV, then the connection can be made through a 3D capable home theatre or Vudu enabled device. Moreover, the same can be done using cable linked with Vudu App.

Details Of Vudu Account

There is no subscription fee; however, viewers can rent or purchase titles. Rentals range from $0.99 to $5.99, while purchases mostly range from $4.99 to $24.99. Moreover, the best part is before buying or renting you can see the preview of the movie which you want to see for free too.

Best Vudu 3D Movies

The movies which you can watch in Vudu on 3D mode are:-

The Meg, Rampage, Transformers, Kong Skull Island, The Great Wall, Moana, Warcraft, Legend of Tarzan, Batman v/s Superman, God of Egypt, Points Break, Heart of the Sea, Pan, The Walk, Martian, Everest, Wolf Toten, Pixels, Jurassic World, Minions, San Andreas, Mad Max, Home, Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Hobbit, Exodus, Penguins, Dragon 2, Live Die Repeat, X Men, Godzilla, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rio, Pandas, Lemurs, Gravity, The Nut Job, Hercules, Hellbenders, Battle of the Year, One Direction, Turbo, Escape, Silent Hill, and many others.


Vudu 3D movies are unique because Vudu offers the viewers to enjoy 3D movies without going to the theatres. Moreover, subscriptions are also not very costly, so you can easily opt for this application without giving any second thought. Plus, Play Station is expensive. Also, not everyone can afford it. So Vudu 3D movie is a good alternative for people who do not want a hole in their pocket. Enjoy watching!

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