Laser Printer: The Better Printing Option For All Time

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The laser printer is a very common term that many of us get to hear today. This is because almost all offices have switched to laser printers from the traditional inkjet ones. Laser printers have many benefits over regular inkjet printers, which makes them a better printing option in most cases.

Before looking at the laser printer, let us first look at the history of printers that we have had to date. The very first printer of sorts would have been the simple typewriter. It functions very similarly to the printer, with the only difference being there is no computing interface between the typist and the printing device.

History Of Laser Printer

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The evolution of the typewriter was the dot matrix printer. This was based on the same concept as a typewriter in that the contents were printers on the paper by impressions hitting a ribbon of ink. Depending on the kind of patterns that hit the ribbon, the corresponding images or text got transferred onto the paper.

The next jump in the printing domain was the inkjet printer. This printer uses a spray of ink to create images on the paper. The first printers of this kind were black and white printers, and they could produce much better and neater-looking printouts as compared to the dot matrix printers.

With time, the technology evolved and colored inks made their way into printing. Now it is not difficult to get color printouts as well as black and white printouts from the printer. So much so that most printers have the option to load multiple cartridges and support both printing options.

The next evolution in printing technology was the laser printers. This solution was quite different from the traditional printing options that were available. All the previous versions used some form of ink to create images on the paper. The laser printer changed that approach and introduced the option of using electrostatic charges to print and create images on paper.

Things To Consider

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Given the accuracy of the laser beams, the printouts from these printers were crisper and of much superior quality as compared to the other forms of printing. The inkjet printers also created great images, but there is always some lag between getting the printout and the ink drying out. The modern solutions do address this problem, and we have some really quick drying inks available. The quality of laser printouts is still superior to other printouts.

Bottom Line

The only limitation of the laser printer for a long time was the lack of color printing options. As a result, it was a norm to use inkjet printers for color printouts while sticking to laser ones for purely black and white needs. However, this is changing now with the advent of color laser printing. Now one can get laser-quality printouts for not just banal text but also for vibrant, colorful pictures and photos too. So, while the color laser printers remain premium products today, pretty soon, they will become mainstream, and the general public can enjoy the high-quality printing solutions.

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