New 3D Printing Projects

The 3D printing industry is exploding, with architects in every niche drumming up previously unthinkable projects using advanced technologies. It used to be difficult to narrow down the technology, but here are five of the most impressive 3D printing projects currently in development:

Swim Like An Octopus:

As you may have guessed from its name, this project uses a 3D printer to print the body parts of an octopus (or any other form of sea creature) and then stitch them together to form the whole fish. The researchers at Cornell University have developed a unique method called a “water-jetting” printer to accomplish this feat.

Their method uses high-pressure water jets to inflate the water tank that holds the live octopus (or any sea creature) to a large flat sheet of plastic. After the tank is inflated, the water’s pressure starts to build up inside the tank, and the octopus starts to move forward as its body expands under the weight of the water. The printed body parts then get fed into the tank, and the whole thing collapses back into its original shape once the pressure has decreased.

3d Printed Solar Panels:

A group of people sitting at a table with a laptop

For this project, the team at Cornell University is looking to print 3d printed solar panels. The solar panels will consist of solar cells mounted on a wooden frame and then connected to a computer and control system via a USB cable. With a computer and controller in hand, anyone can easily program the entire system to collect energy from sunlight for many hours and then use that energy to power the home or business for an extended period.

Plastic Figurines of Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon: While it’s unlikely anyone ever goes into space (or will want to), the team at Cornell wants to print plastic figurines of the Millennium Falcon as well as several other Star Wars spacecraft. These plastic figurines will be made from a special resin and will have the ability to flex and bend when pressure is applied to them. After that, they can be rolled up to be used as an attractive display case or even hung on the wall.

3D Printed Glass Doors:

In this project, the team at Cornell will print windows and doors using three-dimensional printers. Instead of printing glass doors or windows from glass blocks or plastic, these printers will create the same effect as glass by printing the insides out as part of the material and gluing it together. Once this process is complete, the interior windows and doors can then be cut to various sizes and placed on the building’s exterior side.

Examples with Technology

Finally, these are just a few examples of the types of things that are now being made with technology. For example, the team at Cornell University is also working on “printable furniture.” They have developed a printing process that can create furniture capable of printing its surface material when put into place. This means that they could print the actual seat cushions, seat belts, or even the furniture’s fabric coverings. With this technology, there’s no need to have expensive and time-consuming assembly lines as long as the team can create the materials.

Final Thoughts

This will make it much easier to create items that you could easily send to your home – like beds, couches, or even chairs. The team at Cornell is also looking at creating an item capable of printing the entire back of a chair when inserted into a machine. If you wanted to make a bookcase, for example, it could print the wood frame and then simply slide the bookcase over onto the table itself. And, even better, this can be done with a minimum of fuss.

These are just a few examples of what is possible with the use of this technology. With the use of new technology and the new materials being used, more businesses and homes will take advantage of the new capabilities and help create more useful products for their needs.

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