The 3D Printing Process Is Much More Complex Than We Think

How To Choose The Best Budget-Friendly 3D Printer

The 3D printing process is a collection of technologies that all try to answer a question, “What is the best way to make any individual physical object by building it up layer by layer?” With 3D printing, you typically build a loaf of bread slice by slice.

The technologies all work differently. However, one of the most common FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) works with a printing head being fed a plastic filament (usually ABS, the same plastic that LEGO is made from).

3D Printing process Is Much More Complex Than We Think
The 3D Printing Process Is Much More Complex Than We Think

Several Steps

1.        The software checks the 3D file to see if it is printable.

2.        The software then slices the file and sends it to a machine.

3.        A plastic filament is fed through the printing head.

4.        The filament melts and the head then deposits it on a building platform.

5.        The head moves around, depositing the material so that it makes up the bottom slice of the object.

6.        The head returns to its starting position and the build platform is lowered.

7.        The head then builds the new layer on top of the first and one repeats this until the object is done.

For a DIY simulation, squeeze a tube of toothpaste out on your hand.

If we were to build a wine glass shape we would encounter a problem. If we wanted to print the bowl of the glass the plastic would go all over the place. Consequently, because of this, advanced machines (and soon also desktop machines) also deposit support material.

With support material, the print head has two extruders, one that deposits build material and the other support material. Therefore, when building a wine glass you would actually build a cylinder shape that extends to the furthest reaches to the bowl of the glass.

How Does 3D Printing Work

Ever thought of bringing your imagination to something solid? That is what 3D printing does literally, it changes your thoughts into a product. We often want samples of things and they cost too much, 3D printing can be a perfect demo.

Notably, sometimes there are parts that are too heavy being metal so are being replaced by 3D printing. The best part about 3D printing is that one can customize and make it according to their needs and requirements.

Precious 3D is the best place to step in. Furthermore, serving quality on time and the minimum cost is what we do best.

Simple Explanation

FDM is the simplest of 3D printing technologies. In the most basic sense, you take plastic, melt it through a nozzle, and deposit it based on XYZ coordinates one layer at a time. Think computer-controlled hot glue gun. Most FDM machines use a roll of filament that is fed into a hot end that controls the temperature.

3D Printing process Is Much More Complex Than We Think
The 3D Printing Process Is Much More Complex Than We Think

Via a drive system, it pushes the filament through a nozzle with a small hole in it. The hot-end and nozzle are moved by some type of motion system, which there are a few. In some cases, Prusa style, the bed moves in the Y direction, the head moves in the X on a gantry that is then controlled in the Z.

Others move the bed in the Z and the X&Y are done via a double gantry system that moves the head. A third is the delta style printer which uses three arms to control all motion. FDM is one of the most accessible 3D Printing process technologies. Kindly read more to know how it operates.

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