The Top 3 3D Printing Ideas You Can Start Your Own Within 2 Hours - The Top 3 3D Printing Ideas You Can Start Your Own Within 2 Hours -

The Top 3 3D Printing Ideas You Can Start Your Own Within 2 Hours

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Do you want to turn your 3D printing hobby into a business and build a lucrative career? Have you bought your favorite 3D printer and customized the settings to get perfect prints? If you are passionate about 3D printing, it’s time to start your 3D printing business. Are you thinking about why you should start this business? Low-production cost, freedom of curating new designs, and no requirement of costly tools are some of the benefits of starting this business.

In simpler words, the hours you spend designing your favorite cartoon characters are valuable, and you can exchange your prints with hefty cash. In the further article, we’ll explain some of the best business ideas to make extra money or build your own 3D printing empire.


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Whenever someone wants to make money with 3D prints, subcontracting comes first in mind. Here, you are using your 3D printer, inexpensive and low-cost manufacturing services to deliver components in no time!

The workflow is very simple; any potential prospect will contact you along with their business model. After analyzing the requirements and business model, you send a quotation. Later, your quotation is approved by the client, and you start making the 3D prints in the requested quantities. Now, you send your 3D prints, and here comes the profit in your pockets.

This is a very simple 3D printing business idea. The only thing is you have to connect with businesses and enhance your marketing strategies. The best part of this idea is you are putting less time and earning significant profits that you can use for your business growth.

CAD And Reverse Engineering

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There was a time when designers used to make 3D models and components with their hands. It sounds awful, right? In this 21st century, engineers and designers are still working on 2D designs, and even the components are old.

How will this business idea work for you? Your client will contact you with 2D drawings that have to be digitized. Now, you’ll be sending a thorough quotation because you’ll be using CAD this time. If 2D drawing is available, you’ll be using your 3D modeling skills.

If not, then you have to use physical measurements of the components for printing. You can also use a 3D printer to get accurate measurements and contact a subcontracting supplier. Now your design is ready to be delivered to your client.

Product Development

This 3D printing business idea is really fun and exciting. Here, you become more innovative and use both CAD and 3D printing skills to curate new products like printed t-shirts and joggers. The workflow is simple, but you can expect some hefty cash from clients.

You have to flesh out some new ideas, print them, and post over your social media platforms. Potential customers will contact you, and even you can expect some bulk order.

Final Words

These are the top three 3D printing business ideas you can think of trying in the upcoming months. Your primary focus should be on curating new designs, sales, and marketing. One last piece of advice is to design your own marketplace and utilize other platforms like Amazon to sell your 3D prints.

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