Top 3D Action Games For 2021 – Video Game Rankings

3d actions games

3D Action Games are games that are highly exciting and they are usually produced by highly successful game companies. You may find them in the form of video games or other forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed in a single player mode or multiplayer mode. 3D action games allow the players to utilize a wide range of effects, stunts, and skills that can only be mastered with the help of special skills and techniques. When you are having some fun with these types of games, you should try out the following 3D actions and 3D platform games.

The Legend Of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry today. It is a role playing game which involves the exploration and adventure of a mysterious castle in search of the legendary hero, Link. Link’s quest becomes easier as you advance through the different levels of this thrilling game. To make things more exciting, Link can perform some spectacular moves that can really make your heart skip a beat when you play this amazing game. From the various weapons that Link can use against his enemies to the magic he possesses to the huge variety of treasure Link encounters along his journey, this is one game that keeps on renewing your excitement for the next installment of this series.

Nintendo Gamecube

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Teenagers love to play these cool action games which have a great mixture of action, adventure, and thrill. This game has a cool storyline where a group of teenage boys visit outer space in order to find out the reason behind the evil activities in the planet. They need the help of an extraordinary group of astronauts who have the knowledge and power to protect Earth from the impending danger. It is possible to play the entire game on your PC and there are also versions for Nintendo Gamecube as well. However, it is recommended that you download Teenage Universe – Ultimate Edition if you want to experience the real thrill of space travel.

Alien Unleashed

Another exciting release in the category of 3D action games is Alien Unleashed. The hero of the game is a Space Suit named Jack who lands on an alien planet and finds himself in need of rescue. These games have been extremely popular with kids because they involve some good action and adventure and you can always find them being played online. Some of the most popular games are the original Alien game where you have to save the alien eggs and return to base, and subsequently rescue your friend who has gone missing.

Indiana Jones

Video games based on the adventures of Indiana Jones are also quite popular. The hero of this adventure-thriller series gets into some tricky situations to find the lost Ark. These adventure video games are hugely popular with all age groups. You can also find several Indiana Jones video games online which involve different versions of adventure video games.

Metal Gear Solid V

Another great release from the video game genre is Metal Gear Solid V. For those who played the original version, you will be delighted to know that there are several remakes as well. The storyline of the game is like that of the movie version. You have to save the world from the evil boss of the game who possesses huge weapons and plans to dominate the globe! You can find several action games such as Metal Gear Solid V that involve shooting, rescuing allies and so forth. However, some of these action games involve driving and fighting too. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer playing shooting or fighting video games.

Wrapping Up

The next few lists of top-rated 3D action games have some exciting additions. In the list of DC comics heroes, one such game worth trying is the Lego Batman. In this game you have to run through busy streets and avoid nasty villains to save the city. The fighting part is a little tough and you have to hit the opponents with objects to gain points and eventually achieve your goal. The video game industry is constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ideas. The next few years promises to be a really exciting time for action games. They are also popular with casual gamers too. These games allow them to be relaxed while enjoying their video console or PC.

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