Watch 3D Movies In VR And Feel Yourself In The Movie

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VR i.e. Virtual Reality makes you feel that you have entered the movie and are a part of the movie sequence. You can also feel that the actions are going on around you. You can experience this new and amazing way to watch your 3D movies with the help of VR.

What do you mean by VR?

This concept allows you to feel that you are in a different world that may be similar to the real world or maybe a different fiction world. Virtual reality is used in military training, medical practice, to play games, or even in Business for virtual conferences. 

You can also see virtual tours instead of physically visiting that particular place. If you are using VR to watch movies then it allows you to watch 2D, 3D movies. You can watch a 180 or 360-degree view of the movie. This can show you the view that is beyond your sight. 

The requirements to watch Movie in VR

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You don’t need many things to watch movies in VR. A VR headset, a device to connect the headset to, headphones or speakers, and an app to play movies in, are all that you need. You can also take your popcorn with you while watching the 3D movie in VR. Connecting the VR is very simple for smartphones. But when you use a PC or Laptop, you have to check if your device is compatible with the VR set. 

Check the Graphic card, RAM, etc. of your device before connecting. If the device is not compatible with the VR set, then you cannot connect it. There are many apps available for watching 3D movies in VR. Netflix Vr, Skybox Vr player, Hulu Vr, Prime Video VR are some of the apps.

Steps to watch a 3D movie in VR 

All the VR systems differ from each other in their connecting ways, as these systems are not used very commonly all over the world like other devices. The app you are using to play the movie may also differ in connection system. Following are the steps to play a movie in VR:

●  Connect the VR set you have to the device that you will be used to watch 3D movies.

●  Check your internet connection to the device you are using.

●  Now, open your preferred movie player app. Step 4: You can now select the theatre mode you want. You can select the living room, movie theatre, or void mode. In void mode, you adjust yourself in any position you want and then tap on the center. This will adjust the screen to the level of your eyes. 

●  At last, you have to adjust the size of the screen. 


Enjoy your 3D movies in the best way possible. The use of VR will give you a beautiful view of your movies. So, get your VR headset and relish your movies differently.

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